UM24 2023

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This is a 24 hours run around 400m track in UM Arena in University of Malaya.  

Modeled after the Soo Chow 24hrs International Ultra Marathon in Taiwan, UM24 aims to grow into the premier event for the South East Asia region.

There will also be 2x 12 hours run 
(1x from 8am to 8pm – 12D)
(1x from 8pm to 8am -  12N)

There will be 4x 6 hours run 

(1x from 8am to 2pm – 6D1)
(1x from 2pm to 8pm – 6D2)

(1x from 8pm to 2am – 6N1)
(1x from 2am to 8am -  6N2)

24 hour runners will run on lane 2 & 3, with lane 3 being used for overtaking;

12 and 6 hours runners will run on lane 4, 5 and 6, with lane 5& 6 being used for overtaking;

Since the first introduction in 2019, besides the above time-based race formats, we are also continuing with a new distance-based general category as below:

1).  Full Marathon of 42.2km; (COT:8 hours)
2).  50 km; (COT: 10 hours)
3).  100 km; (COT:18 hours)
4).  100 miles; (COT: 26 hours)
4).  50 miles; (COT: 16 hours)

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