TRI-Factor Run-4-Asia Virtual Challenge 2020

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Race Concept

Times have changed! The New Normal is “Social Distancing, work from Home and Virtual-Conferencing”

Our Asia TRIfactor Family has been affected tremendously by COVID-19 with many of our races being postponed or unable to launch. In this uncertain times, let’s be united and show our solidarity as One TRIfactor Asia Family!
Let’s also not forget all the hardworking people at the frontline battling this crisis.

Take on the Trifactor Run-4-Asia Virtual Run Challenge and let’s support our Trifactor Asia family in staying active and healthy during this difficult time! 

We will be cheering on our neighbours as we run across 8 countries in Asia every 15 days starting in Singapore where Trifactor began. (A percentage of all proceeds will go into supporting our TRIFACTOR CARES Program!)

R-4-A V.R. Entitlements

- All registrations will receive a Finisher Medal upon completion of each Challenge within 30 – 45 days of the end of the Challenge. (Sign up and Complete all 8 to receive a medal display stand)
- A leader-board of for each country’s challenge will be provided 
(Each country’s leader {Male & Female} will receive a pair of TRI-Factor race slots in 2021 to Run with their loved one! 
- An Overall Asian Leader-board will be given at the end of the full 120 Days that will be crowned Run-4-Asia’s TRI-Factor Ambassador (Male & Female) with a chance to take part at our World Championships in September!

Commemorate this event with a Finisher Event Tee.

Let everyone know that you Ran-For-Asia with a Finisher Event Tee of that country!
Just top up $15.00 upon registration!

Why do more than 5km?

A TRIfactor point for each KM or 4000 steps recorded will be given to each participant.

Which can then be used to redeem for all 2021 races. (5 TF points = $1)


TRIFACTOR believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be fit and well and we want to do our part for our people. 

The TRIFACTOR family feels that physical activity is intrinsic to an individual total wellness and it is also scientifically proven that we need physical activity to be healthy. Yet we notice a decline in physical activity lifestyles across all ages and races in most Asian countries. 

TRIFACTOR CARE Program (also known as TFC) is TRIFACTOR Asia’s Social Responsibility Program that is design to battle the physically inactivity issue among specific target groups in the Asia. 

TFC program aspire to provide the holistic platform for more than 50,000 individuals to live, learn and be fit through millions of hours of hands-on programs led by qualified scientist, coaches and sport practitioners across 10 Asian countries. To make active living health accessible to all we hope to unite all TRIFACTOR family to empower others to engage in swimming, cycling and running and even their first triathlon. 

Your support for TFC will go a long way to bring about change to our Asian Family." To find out more, please write in to:


TFC wants to support the following 3 groups:

  1. Kids and Youth athletes
  2. Elderly above 60 years old
  3. Special Needs individuals that includes those that requires financial assistance

1. Run-4-Singapore! 

Submission Period: 15th April -14th May
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

2. Run-4-Vietnam! 

Submission Period: 1st May – 30th May
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

3. Run-4-Malaysia!

Submission period: 15th May – 14th June
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

4. Run-4-Indonesia!

Submission Period: 1st June – 30th June
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

5. Run-4-Philippines!

Submission Period: 15th June – 14th July 
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

6. Run-4-Thailand!

Submission Period: 1st July – 30th July 
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

7. Run-4-South Korea!

Submission Period: 15th July – 14th August
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

8. Run-4-China!

Submission Period: 1st Aug – 30th Aug
Min: 5km or 20,000 steps
Submission Form:

Finisher Tee (Top up - 45RM)



15th April - 14th May


1 May – 30 May 2020


15 May – 14 June 2020


1 June – 30 June 2020


15 June – 14 July 2020


1 July – 30 July 2020

Run-4-South Korea

15 July – 14 August 2020


1 August – 30 August 2020

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