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N8 Ultimate Trails of The South 2023

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Kota Tinggi is blessed with rainforest and amazing trails for many decades. These trails link up various heritage locations and points of interest all over the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls.  For decades, Kota Tinggi's locals have taken to these amazing trails for many of their weekends and public holidays, especially for those leisure weekend hikers. Some trails are quite challenging, hilly and less chartered, making them very popular among those serious climbers and trail runners. Yet, for a long time, these beautiful nature trails and points of interest and their surrounding have been a mystery for a lot of people in the Southern region of Peninsula Malaysia and Malaysia in general. It's fair to say that the Southern people have not been exposed to these beauty nature and challenges of these trails yet.  

Until February 2020.  

Ultimate Trail of The South is conceived with passion for these beauty trails. Following the successful first and second edition of Ultimate Trails of Penang, Ultimate Trails of The South will be second race of the Ultimate Trails (trademark pending) Series that will be held in the Southern Region. For the first edition in 2020, Ultimate Trails of The South will offer 3 different categories, of distances of 15 km, 35 km and 50 km.

For the second edition, a new different categories of 35km and 55km will be replacing the old categories, while introducing the new 14km and 70km categories


Race Info

Race Course: 14 km

Actual Distance: 14 km

Elevation Gain: 740m

Cut-off Time: 4 hours


Race Course: 35 km

Actual Distance: 35.0 km

Elevation Gain: 1610m

Cut-off Time: 12 hours


Race Course: 55 km

Actual Distance: 55km

Elevation Gain: To be updated.

Cut-off Time: 17 hours


Race Course: 70 km

Actual Distance: 70 km

Elevation Gain: To be updated.

Cut-off Time: 21 hours

Registration Fee


Early Bird 

Until 31 Jan 23



(1 Feb - 31 Jul 23)


Late Entries  

(1 Aug - 31 Oct 23)



*There will be no cash prizes for this event.

Men Open Top 5 Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 
Women - OpenTop 5 Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 


**All finishers will be awarded with Finisher Medals

***Only 35km, 55km and 70km finishers will be awarded with Finisher Tees

Race Pack Collection

Location: Bazar Rakyat Batu Ampat, Kota Tinggi

Date: Fri  8th Sep 2023

Time: 11.00am - 6.00pm



To collect for yourself, please show your IC, passport or your other identity document !

To collect on behalf of your friends, please show us the WhatsApp authorization that your friend has sent to you on your mobile phone, together with details of his name and IC/Passport number.

For runners who are NOT ABLE to pick up the race packs on Friday, 8th Sep 2023.  Runners can collect race pack on race day itself. 

Date : Saturday 9th Sep  2023
Time : 2.00 am - 6 am
Venue : TBA


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