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E.Run - Run More Save More Virtual Run 2020

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Please download the PDF deck for complete information.

What is the E.Run about?

With the ongoing pandemic, the running world has gone virtual. We have come up with something different of a virtual run. 

With the E.Run, we hope we are not only helping you save money by doing what you love doing most, but also help the local sports industry to get by this world crisis.

With a low entry fee, and an attractive reward structure, and of course a nice challenge to keep you running fit, the More you Run, the More you Save. 

So sign up today and log those miles.

For updates, visit: www.facebook.com/runmoresavemore

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Participants register online

Step 2: Start running

Step 3: Upload workout file to https://bit.ly/3gKJ657

Step 4: Once the participant thinks he/she has achieved enough, just send a “Redeem” email to the organizer

Step 5: Participants will receive the online shop links and discount codes via email

Step 6: Start shopping online with the discount codes

Submit your workout here: 


You do not need to run the full distance (50km) at one go to make it to the next discount level. Your running mileage is accumulative.

Duration of the E.Run

The duration of the E.Run is 2 calendar months.

You can start logging your mileage from 1st July – 31st August 2020

Redeeming your vouchers

  • You do not need to run up to 500km.
  • You may redeem your vouchers at anytime during the event period, provided you have hit the mileage targets as stipulated in the chart.
  • You can only redeem the vouchers once only. Meaning once you redeem, you have decided to stop your event.

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See the full list of partners 


  1. The maximum duration of this program is 2 calendar months. From 1st July – 31st August 2020.
  2. No limit on number of workout uploads. GPX file or a screen shot of your workout is suffice.
  3. Both mileage and time must be present in the workout file you send to us.
  4. You do not need to run the full distance (50km) at one go to make it to the next discount level. Your running mileage is accumulative.
  5. As this is a virtual run, your own honesty would be the biggest contributor to your achievement.


  1. As all activities may put the person in harms way, we strongly encourage you to perform your activities in the safest way possible. We do not condone or encourage activities that may result in injury or losses to the participant of this program.
  2. As everyone has different fitness level, we encourage you to perform such activities according to your level of fitness. If you have doubts about your fitness level, please consult your doctor and perform a medical checkup if necessary.
  3. Remember, if you think you can’t, then don’t. You can always come back another day to finish the run.
  4. This is strictly not a competitive program.


  • By participating in this program, the successful registrant has agreed to rules and regulations of the program and has agreed to indemnify the owners of the Virtual Program against all property or life losses that is resulted by the registrants’.
  • The registrants’ will indemnify the Sponsors and partners of the Virtual Program from any claims.

Please download the PDF deck for complete information.

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No. Display nameBib numberTotal Mileage (km)

Terms & Conditions

  • Participants’ use of the vouchers is strictly a trade solely between the online shop and the purchaser(participant).
  • All terms and conditions on the voucher are strictly the prerogative of the online shop.
  • All voucher code are unique and are for one time use only, unless stated otherwise.
  • Redeeming the voucher is considered as the end of the virtual run. So achieve as much as you can before clicking the redeem button.

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